LEDVANCE donates with Sonepar HUF 1 million to Hungarian Ambulance Motorcyle Foundation


Dunaharaszti: March 3rd 2022 – The LEDVANCE 2020 Sales Competition announced in the framework of the LEDVANCE International Sales Race 2021, organized and conducted together with Sonepar Magyarország Kft. was successfully completed. As a result of the jointly set and fulfilled commitments of the two companies – thanks to the outstanding performance of Sonepar's customers and employees – a total of HUF 1 000 000 donation can be allocated to the operation of the Hungarian Ambulance Motorcycle Foundation.

The traditionally held LEDVANCE international sales promotion with Sonepar, extended by additional local incentive programs by the organizing company, took place in the autumn of 2020, just like earlier years. The campaign organized by LEDVANCE Kft. in cooperation with Sonepar Magyarország Kft. comprised of several components and conditions. One of the conditions was that if Sonepar reached a targeted volume of turnover, LEDVANCE would donate HUF 1 000 000 to a Foundation chosen by Sonepar. The good cause was communicated to the employees of Sonepar, and the Partners were also informed that they would support the Hungarian Ambulance Motorcyle Foundation through their purchases. Having reached the net invoiced turnover target, LEDVANCE Kft. donated HUF 1 million to support the operation of a Foundation chosen by Sonepar Magyarország Kft.

"Following the successful campaign in 2020 and a similar HUF 1 million donation, we chose the Hungarian Rescue Motor Foundation again, because in addition to supporting the work of rescue motorcyclists at a national level, the COVID situation, which has been in existence for 2 years, is a constant additional burden. Every charitable foundation serves a noble cause, but for those working in the health sector, every single forint is a great and invaluable help", said János Ágner, Managing Director of Sonepar Hungary Ltd.

"Sonepar has not only achieved the sales target set, but exceeded it, which is a true team effort.The sales figures for September to November 2021 prove the success of the campaign: Sonepar achieved an 18% increase in sales of OSRAM LED light sources and LEDVANCE LED luminaires and strips compared to the same period last year. As a result of this outstanding performance, our company is donating for the second time to the Hungarian Rescue Motor Foundation, selected by Sonepar. Both companies are committed to supporting the cause and we are delighted that the donation is once again going to a good cause", said Zoltán Szegszárdi, CEO of LEDVANCE Kft.

The one-time net donation of the HUF 1 000 000 was handed over at the beginning of February by LEDVANCE Kft. contributing in this way to the high-quality operation of Hungarian Ambulance Motorcycle Foundation (address: 2131 Göd, Wigner Jenő u. 8.; tax no.: 18019807-1-13

"Since 2009, the MMA has been working to raise the standard of motorcycle rescue in Hungary. In 2021, we launched our volunteer motorcycles on the shores of Lake Balaton in a unique way in the world, which shows that even in the most difficult times, there are those who can show that it is more important than anything else to ensure that patients receive a high level of care as soon as possible. This great team is the backbone of the national ambulance industry and they are the real ambulance riders for whom these grants enable them to help more and more children and adults in need! As the situation in rescue motorcycling has recently begun to get more difficult, any support like this has become more and more important to continue the work that has been started. Therefore, to win this trust for the second time this year gives us another boost for the season ahead," said Zoltán Varsányi, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.


Hungarian Ambulance Motorcycle Foundation

The Foundation has been supporting the OMSZ’s (Hungarian Ambulance Service) Ambulance Motorcycling Service since 2009. Its main goal is to acquire and develop rescue ambulance motorcycles, make them suitable for ambulance, find and acquire the necessary compact and modern equipment, and train ambulance motorcycle drivers. The Foundation currently has 7 proprietary ambulance motorcycles and an ambulance carriage operated by the National Ambulance Service, and a car has recently joined the fleet. In recent years, the members of the foundation have also paid attention to the teaching of lay first aid, and their big event once a year is the Ambulance Motorcycle Day, where gathered motorcyclists can get a taste of the work of lifeguards. Their main source of income is the 1% tax, they do not receive regular state support. This year they will start working with 12 new lifeboat candidates, so now their preparation has become one of the main goals in addition to the usual tasks. For more information: www.mentomotoralapitvany.hu