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Each year, around fifty managers from across Sonepar countries and professions come together to form the Sonepar Junior Committee (SJC), a unique program that welcomes associates from their early to mid-career.

Together, they work on assignments entrusted to them by the Executive Committee focused on Sonepar's strategic vision. They do this by discussing and exchanging ideas, comparing experiences, sharing cultural and local business specificities, strengthening cohesion and openness while enabling each other to benefit from best practices, and supporting the implementation of Sonepar's long-term business goals.

Throughout their 18 month-long membership, committee members are grouped together to work on their specific projects, the results of which are shared with the Executive Committee to then be implemented globally, benefiting each associate around the world.

Chief Human Resources Officer Sara Biraschi Rolland commented on the importance that cultural diversity plays within the SJC by stating, “Cultural diversity is a driving force of talent development. Thanks to the members’ willingness to share their perspectives, experiences and managing their projects in a dynamic way – meaning adapting when necessary and stepping out of their comfort zone – they have developed key business models and initiatives to help Sonepar reach the next stages of our journey by being a proactive, international group representing local voices.”

Established and backed by Sonepar Chairman Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette since 1991 and supported through all its duration by the Sonepar Executive Committee, the Sonepar Junior Committee will celebrate its 30th anniversary in June. We wish all members to enjoy the program and make the absolute most of their experience.

We are Sonepar. Powered by Difference.