What is an eInvoice?

An e-Invoice is an invoice issued in electronic form, authenticated by an electronic signature and a stamp affixed at the time of signing. The e-invoice is fully equivalent to a paper invoice, it contains all its data in a format accepted by NAV (Tax Authority). Each e-invoice is sent automatically when it is completed, can be saved to a computer and can be printed out at any time if necessary.

Why you should consider changing to eInvoice?

- The use of the service is free of charge

- You can keep your personal information safe, as you do not need to store paper invoices and have them destroyed in years to come.

- Authentic, guaranteed by digital signature and timestamp, is fully equivalent to a paper invoice.

- You can avoid late payment and payment requests due to possible delivery errors by sending an e-mail notification and receiving an invoice immediately.

- You can use it to manage your affairs in electronic form (saved on a data carrier).

- Because we do not use paper or fuel for delivery, the service is environmentally friendly and timesaving.

- Electronic invoice processing can be automated on demand with the appropriate software solutions.

Szolgáltatás igénylése

Ha Önnek is fontos a környezet védelme és úgy gondolja szívesen váltana elektronikus számlára, az alábbi űrlap kitöltésével igényleheti a szolgáltatát.

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