History of Sonepar Magyarország

Today's Sonepar Magyarország Kft. was established in the spring of 1991 as a small enterprise, which has since grown into a nationwide electricity trade network with 14 locations. With 190 employees and an annual turnover of 20 billion, it is one of Hungary's market-leading electricity trades.

The first radical change was in the spring of 1999, when the French Sonepar acquired a majority stake in the company, however, the company was still in the market under the name GÁTIBA. The growing demands and the intention for customers to receive a similar level of service in all areas of the country have led the company to continuously strengthen its market presence.

In January 2007, at the same time as the 100% acquisition of the Sonepar Group, the company name was changed to the current Sonepar Magyaroszág Kft.

The involvement of a significant amount of capital, as well as the strategic objective of the professional investor, laid the foundation for the possibility of expanding the market role. As a result, the company's product structure was able to expand to the full range of electrical materials, and at the same time it was possible to maintain a larger and more comprehensive stock and to introduce new services.

In 2007, it published its first comprehensive product catalog and organized its first Professional Day, which has been held every year since then - as a unique event of the profession in the domestic market.

Sonepar Magyarország created an opportunity for its customers to place an order by 8 pm in the evening, with next day delivery, and on the basis of an individual agreement, even for delivery directly to the work area.

The period of innovation

Keeping pace with digital developments, the company launched e-commerce in 2008. As Sonepar attaches great importance to keeping its partners and professionals in the electrical industry properly informed about industry news, the latest trends and technical information, it has created a self-edited publication: Report magazine. The publication has been available to its Partners since 2008 with a quarterly release.

In the following years, the company unified the image of its sites. Its e-commerce store was renewed in 2012 with a webshop optimized for the B2B market. In addition to the unique Sonepar product database, the system already had features that differed from the average web stores and met business needs in the year of its introduction.

November 2015 was a milestone in the life of the company. For the first time in the life of Sonepar Magyarország Kft., It achieved a monthly turnover of 1 billion Ft.

The management of the company soon realized that the provision of adequate IT support was an essential condition for maintaining continuous development and competitiveness. As one element of this strategy, a major project was launched in 2017. A new integrated enterprise resource planning system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, has been introduced. Continuing this strategy, in 2018 the company launched the first B2B webshop, MobilShop, for use on smartphones and tablets in Hungary.

In 2019 the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of its presence. Its operation is based on its common values, rules and principles, which ensure the achievement of its goals, sustainable growth.

 Sonepar Hungary's primary goal is to be "La Référence" in the industry,


"Provide more than others!"